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January 24, 2010

Arrived safely in Montreal, first day of training – great!  The Lotus Palm Center is beautiful, everyone is incredibly friendly and wonderful, and at the 3/4 level, everyone is there because they REALLY love Thai Yoga Massage.  We learn some twists plus other moves that move the spine in all 6 directions.  If you like the twists we do in assisted class, wait till you feel these!!  And so much Ayurveda!!  I met the man today, Kam Thye Chow – I wanted to jump out of my skin!!  He described Kapha’s as never fininshing their sequence on time (who dat?) and when they make stir fry, they make stew, that’s me!!  Also Kapha’s are so moist they tend to not drink as much water as other doshas – and it’s OK!!!  And every kind of restaurant you can think of.  Not too cold either, but we will have a few cold days coming up.  I swear I saw a Montreal Canadiens show this morning at 7am where they were arguing (in french of course) and drinking mimosa’s!!  And Hockey gets the premier spot in all sports casts.  This is my kind of country!!  Gotta practice my moves and do a little shopping so will post tomorrow,  miss all my friends in Morgantown, especially my husband and dog!!


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January 24, 2010

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