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Partner Yoga Monday Nights 6:30pm at Bliss

March 1, 2010

Great partner yoga workshop today at Bliss, with Turner and John, we worked on hip openers and a hip opening partner flow.  Monday night’s class will follow the same thread.  You can go so much deeper into poses than you can alone, with the support of a partner.  Come find out!   Lots of great events at  Bliss this month, The retreat is equinox weekend, and my backbends workshop is the following weekend.  Plus yoga classes all week, I teach Hatha Yoga Wednesdays at 1:15pm and 4pm and on thursdays at 1:15pm – for a great grounding in proper alignment and body mechanics in yoga asana.  Also our special for Thai Yoga Bodywork this month – $40 for a 1.5 hour session with Ayurvedic constitution analysis.  This also helps me with my Intermediate Certification !!  More details and news to follow………