Final Montreal Notes and Upcoming Yoga Events at BlissBlissBliss

So after sitting in the Dulles Airport and being told that our plane (which was supposed to leave Dulles at 10:07pm) hadn’t left Rochester, NY at 12:30 am – We rented a car and drove home, no more United Airlines hassles.  I don’t reccommend flying United.  It has taken days to recover from our travel ordeal but finally able to post.  Just a few last Montreal notes.  We met a really interesting guy by the name of Samson Gihoul – who was a stone mason who creates these incredible fireplaces, I think he called them heat boxes(?) – that are unbelievably efficient and low emmission.  He was absolutely fascinating – great ideas on so many things.    How profit motive ruins so much, issues of  recyclability vs. mass availability vs. long term highly environmentally friendly design – he lives in the Old Port in a reclaimed building and he and his neighbors are starting a Zyeitgeist group – anyone seen that movie – SCARY.  Samson, if you read any of this and would like to flesh it out/correct anything, please feel free to post a comment.  We found Montreal to be filled with wonderful, friendly people – great food, public transit, lots going on – we highly reccommend it.  So now that we are home time to remind everyone of the great things here in Morgantown.  I teach 3 hatha yoga classes(1 hour long) each week at BlissBlissBliss( – 1:15pm and 4pm on Wednesdays, 1:15pm Thursdays.  I really like Yoga Journal’s February 2010 definintioni of hatha yoga “broadly referring to the physical practices of yoga, including active(ha-sun) and relaxing(tha-moon) poses.  Technically, all posture-based yoga can be labeled as hatha, but generic hatha yoga classes are often patterned loosely on Iyengar Yoga.”  So we start with simple breathing and centering, warming up to active poses – focusing on anatomical alignment and proper body mechanics –  then cool down and relaxation.  I also teach Assisted Yoga on Monday nights at 6:30pm – this class combines partner yoga, plus all sorts of yoga posture adjustments and assists – allowing you to go deeper into postures than you can alone.  When I felt my first Down Dog assist – it was so profound – I knew what I wanted to do with my life!!!  Come experience the intensity for yourself.  I also teach at least one workshop a month – this month we have our Annual Partner Yoga Workshop – split into 2 sections – Sunday February 28 12-2pm Partner Yoga; 3-5:30pm Yogassage(each session $25.00).  We appreciate pre-registration, especially for this event as we will be partnering up – feel free to bring your own partner too!  Lastly, we will be running a Thai Yoga Bodywork special to help me get my intermediate certification – $35 for a one hour massage, with a short ayurvedic constitution analysis to begin the session.  Now is the time to book to get this great rate – lower than membership massage and private yoga rates!  And for those in Charleston WV – go see my husband play at the Boulevard Tavern tonight(Friday 2/12) – The Tom Batchelor Band – and loose that cabin fever!   More yoga posts to come…….Namaste!!


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