Travel Hell – and It’s Not Over Yet…….

OK, so when I arrived in Montreal I bought round trip shuttle ticket from/back to airport, we arrange on Sunday for shuttle to pick up up Monday – today – at 10:45.  11:15 still no shuttle.  Call and Call, eventually forced to take a taxi -extra $40 we don’t have – and eating my return trip ticket $16.  So make it to the airport, mechanical difficulty for plane, change our plane – delays us by half an hour.  Only one hour layover in DC – won’t EVER make that mistake again.  So, on other flights they announce the gates for connecting flights and even let those who are cutting it close (ESPECIALLY WHEN IT IS THE AIRLINES FAULT) get off first.  Well no chance of this on Air Canada.  Taxi forever, wait to get off forever, run like OJ to find out the gate, then to the gate, arrive 5 minutes before plane is to take off, and they won’t let us on.  I crumple on the floor in tears as I just can’t take it anymore.  And all my husband, Mr Supportive, can say is how I embarassed him.  Geez, when I am upset the LAST thing I care about is what people think of me, husband included.  So the cherry on top is they send us to customer service, we wait in line at least 20 minutes to half an hour, and the first thing the guy says is “THAT plane hasn’t left yet” – I almost jumped over the counter and throttled him – severely.  So we are waiting to fly standby tonight at 10pm, or ticketed tomorrow at 8:30am – may be camping out in Dulles tonight.   I even paid for internet service as I JUST HAD TO VENT!!!!!!!!!  Can ya tell?  So glad I have tomorrow off, I am going to need it.  OOO I feel better now!  Looking forward to sharing new thai yoga massage moves with everyone, please contact me to schedule a session at Bliss – we are offering a February special – I think it is $30 (may be $35) – that’s $10 ( or $15) off the MEMBERSHIP rate!  And I love to trade massage too!  There were some wonderful pictures posted  on facebook from TYM 3 – it popped right up and now I can’t find them – don’t think I like the new facebook, I had barely figured out the old one.  Plus it limits your posts, I had to erase and retype mine in 2 posts.  So home to do my taxes, work on my massges – then my show season hits – what’s it like to have one job, does any one know??  What is “spare time”?  All I have is work till I hit the wall time and take a break, cause I’m going postal.   Hopefully I will have some more positive posts once I get home, see my dog and get settled.


One Response to “Travel Hell – and It’s Not Over Yet…….”

  1. melita Says:

    wow sweetie, what a travel nightmare. i hope you get home safe and sound. looking forward to hear more about your travels, training and getting an ayurvedic treatment from you!! hugs!!

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