Another beautiful day in Montreal, one more day off and I start my Thai Yoga Massage 4 training tomorrow – wed 2/3.  All of the fellow students took time to e-mail each other, friend each other on facebook – to share how much we love each other, what an incredible and wonderful experience this has been – and how much we have learned from each other’s different styles.  I haven’t left and I can’t wait to come back again!  I can really see ayurveda’s application to thai massage, and to making your way through life – easier!  Many people think it is like astrology and just tells you how you are – but it tells you how you are so that you can move smoothly through life – AND advance!!!  As a Kapha, ruled by earth and water – big, heavy, earthy, grounded and stable – I cannot do things the Pitta (Fire and water) or Vata (Air and Ether) way – and it’s OK!!!  And most Pitta’s and Vata’s can’t do things the Kapha way, and that’s OK too!!!!  We need all Three, just like upper, middle and lower tan tiens – ooo, wonder if they have a doshic  quality?  Bet they do!  Kapha’s need stimulation, vata’s need calming and pitta’s in the middle – too calm bores them but too much stimulation agitates them.  SO fascinating, can’t wait to come home and share.  And I am the ONLY Kapha monotype in the class of about l5 or so – I thought everyone was kapha or at least some kapha!!  It really speaks to my love of quantum physics, what is going on in the ground state of reality – the quantum field – that EVERYTHING emerges out of!!!   It (and we) are all interconnected – now, in the past, and forever!!!  I love it.  We are not separate – therefore we can influence everything, by our shared conciousness.  So get on the dance floor ( or the table) and dance the dance of CREATION, HARMONY, RESONANCE AND PEACE.  WE create our reality so let’s make it a good one – for EVERYBODY!


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  1. melita Says:

    sounds fabulous!! i’m looking forward to hearing more about ayurveda!!

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