Finished my Thai yoga Massage 3 training today, love it!  Still can’t reclaim the giant post with all the details in it so, maybe on my next two days off I can go into detail again, not tonight, need sleep.  Tom’s luggage that the airlines lost arrived today, with digital camera and Pens tix still inside.  How ’bout that overtime win against the Red Wings!! (sorry Melita!).   And  with the way the canadiens have been playing we will make short work of them too next saturday.  Hopefully I can get out of training early as the game starts at 3 pm; but I am here to learn thai yoga massage and boy am I.  Love, love, love Montreal, can’t wait to come back, the weather – even when super cold, is not an issue.  Good coat, boots and public transit make the difference.  Hooking up with friend Erica Follon (from Yandara Yoga teacher training) Tuesday evening at an event where her sweetie DJ’s.  Tom brought the good camera and hook up line so will post pix of Montreal, yoga, whatever – soon.  He noticed all the women here are beautiful, even cashiers at the grocery store!  And everyone so friendly.   We highly reccommend traveling to montreal if you can.


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  1. melita Says:

    oh it’s ok, i still love you 😉 hugs!!

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