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Sun. 2/28 Annual Partner Yoga Workshop at Bliss

February 22, 2010


Sunday February 28, 2010 BlissBlissBliss offers it’s annual Partner Yoga Workshop.  This year we have split it into two seperate sections – a more physical, asana-focused Partner  Yoga session from 12pm – 2pm;  followed by a relaxing and restorative yogassage session from 3pm – 5:30pm.  Bring your own partner or we can partner-up there; so especially for these sessions pre-registration is greatly appreciated.  Each session is $25 per person,  and as always 10% goes to our donation partner,  The Family Fit Foundation.  Read on for more details.

PARTNER YOGA is a wonderfully supportive, connecting and deepening practice – each partner actively performs the posture to support the other and share the work; rather than the giver/receiver relationship in yogassage.   Many postures, especially those with a balancing component, can be easier with a partner.   And it’s a fun, light-hearted, exploratory practice that is the perfect complement (or start!) to any yoga practice.  Nicole Gautier-Schatz’ Partner Yoga/Yogassage classes in the l990’s are what hooked me on yoga!!

YOGASSAGE is a combination of gentle massage, assisted stretching, and passive yoga postures; along with simple meditation and pranayama(breathwork).  A calming, relaxing and restorative practice, it is unlike Partner Yoga in that one partner is relaxed – generally “receiving”  the practice.  A perfect grounding to the active start of Partner Yoga!


Final Montreal Notes and Upcoming Yoga Events at BlissBlissBliss

February 12, 2010

So after sitting in the Dulles Airport and being told that our plane (which was supposed to leave Dulles at 10:07pm) hadn’t left Rochester, NY at 12:30 am – We rented a car and drove home, no more United Airlines hassles.  I don’t reccommend flying United.  It has taken days to recover from our travel ordeal but finally able to post.  Just a few last Montreal notes.  We met a really interesting guy by the name of Samson Gihoul – who was a stone mason who creates these incredible fireplaces, I think he called them heat boxes(?) – that are unbelievably efficient and low emmission.  He was absolutely fascinating – great ideas on so many things.    How profit motive ruins so much, issues of  recyclability vs. mass availability vs. long term highly environmentally friendly design – he lives in the Old Port in a reclaimed building and he and his neighbors are starting a Zyeitgeist group – anyone seen that movie – SCARY.  Samson, if you read any of this and would like to flesh it out/correct anything, please feel free to post a comment.  We found Montreal to be filled with wonderful, friendly people – great food, public transit, lots going on – we highly reccommend it.  So now that we are home time to remind everyone of the great things here in Morgantown.  I teach 3 hatha yoga classes(1 hour long) each week at BlissBlissBliss( – 1:15pm and 4pm on Wednesdays, 1:15pm Thursdays.  I really like Yoga Journal’s February 2010 definintioni of hatha yoga “broadly referring to the physical practices of yoga, including active(ha-sun) and relaxing(tha-moon) poses.  Technically, all posture-based yoga can be labeled as hatha, but generic hatha yoga classes are often patterned loosely on Iyengar Yoga.”  So we start with simple breathing and centering, warming up to active poses – focusing on anatomical alignment and proper body mechanics –  then cool down and relaxation.  I also teach Assisted Yoga on Monday nights at 6:30pm – this class combines partner yoga, plus all sorts of yoga posture adjustments and assists – allowing you to go deeper into postures than you can alone.  When I felt my first Down Dog assist – it was so profound – I knew what I wanted to do with my life!!!  Come experience the intensity for yourself.  I also teach at least one workshop a month – this month we have our Annual Partner Yoga Workshop – split into 2 sections – Sunday February 28 12-2pm Partner Yoga; 3-5:30pm Yogassage(each session $25.00).  We appreciate pre-registration, especially for this event as we will be partnering up – feel free to bring your own partner too!  Lastly, we will be running a Thai Yoga Bodywork special to help me get my intermediate certification – $35 for a one hour massage, with a short ayurvedic constitution analysis to begin the session.  Now is the time to book to get this great rate – lower than membership massage and private yoga rates!  And for those in Charleston WV – go see my husband play at the Boulevard Tavern tonight(Friday 2/12) – The Tom Batchelor Band – and loose that cabin fever!   More yoga posts to come…….Namaste!!

Travel Hell – and It’s Not Over Yet…….

February 9, 2010

OK, so when I arrived in Montreal I bought round trip shuttle ticket from/back to airport, we arrange on Sunday for shuttle to pick up up Monday – today – at 10:45.  11:15 still no shuttle.  Call and Call, eventually forced to take a taxi -extra $40 we don’t have – and eating my return trip ticket $16.  So make it to the airport, mechanical difficulty for plane, change our plane – delays us by half an hour.  Only one hour layover in DC – won’t EVER make that mistake again.  So, on other flights they announce the gates for connecting flights and even let those who are cutting it close (ESPECIALLY WHEN IT IS THE AIRLINES FAULT) get off first.  Well no chance of this on Air Canada.  Taxi forever, wait to get off forever, run like OJ to find out the gate, then to the gate, arrive 5 minutes before plane is to take off, and they won’t let us on.  I crumple on the floor in tears as I just can’t take it anymore.  And all my husband, Mr Supportive, can say is how I embarassed him.  Geez, when I am upset the LAST thing I care about is what people think of me, husband included.  So the cherry on top is they send us to customer service, we wait in line at least 20 minutes to half an hour, and the first thing the guy says is “THAT plane hasn’t left yet” – I almost jumped over the counter and throttled him – severely.  So we are waiting to fly standby tonight at 10pm, or ticketed tomorrow at 8:30am – may be camping out in Dulles tonight.   I even paid for internet service as I JUST HAD TO VENT!!!!!!!!!  Can ya tell?  So glad I have tomorrow off, I am going to need it.  OOO I feel better now!  Looking forward to sharing new thai yoga massage moves with everyone, please contact me to schedule a session at Bliss – we are offering a February special – I think it is $30 (may be $35) – that’s $10 ( or $15) off the MEMBERSHIP rate!  And I love to trade massage too!  There were some wonderful pictures posted  on facebook from TYM 3 – it popped right up and now I can’t find them – don’t think I like the new facebook, I had barely figured out the old one.  Plus it limits your posts, I had to erase and retype mine in 2 posts.  So home to do my taxes, work on my massges – then my show season hits – what’s it like to have one job, does any one know??  What is “spare time”?  All I have is work till I hit the wall time and take a break, cause I’m going postal.   Hopefully I will have some more positive posts once I get home, see my dog and get settled.

Last day of TYM 4 training in Montreal

February 7, 2010

Finished the last day of two weeks of Thai Yoga Massage training in Montreal, we have had unseasonable warm (for Montreal!) and dry weather – unlike everyone at home in PA and WV.  May mess with our return flight plans though D.C.  Loved every minute of Montreal, but really long days with review at night.  I can’t believe Marc Andre Fluery got pulled at MY Montreal game!  Everyone was super nice.  Can’t wait to get home and share new thai yoga massage with everyone.  Also lots of ayurvedic training to pair with it – and yoga.  I have to do a 2 session ayurvedic treatment for TYM 3 and 4 session for TYM 4 – anyone interested in ayurveda?  Plenty of individual TYM sessions available too.   We will be offering a special rate at Bliss in February, so that would be the time to book the 2 or 4.  Or one!  And don’t forget the Partner Yoga 12-2pm and Yogassage 3-5pm ($25) on Sunday Feb. 28 at BlissBlissBliss.

February 2, 2010

Another beautiful day in Montreal, one more day off and I start my Thai Yoga Massage 4 training tomorrow – wed 2/3.  All of the fellow students took time to e-mail each other, friend each other on facebook – to share how much we love each other, what an incredible and wonderful experience this has been – and how much we have learned from each other’s different styles.  I haven’t left and I can’t wait to come back again!  I can really see ayurveda’s application to thai massage, and to making your way through life – easier!  Many people think it is like astrology and just tells you how you are – but it tells you how you are so that you can move smoothly through life – AND advance!!!  As a Kapha, ruled by earth and water – big, heavy, earthy, grounded and stable – I cannot do things the Pitta (Fire and water) or Vata (Air and Ether) way – and it’s OK!!!  And most Pitta’s and Vata’s can’t do things the Kapha way, and that’s OK too!!!!  We need all Three, just like upper, middle and lower tan tiens – ooo, wonder if they have a doshic  quality?  Bet they do!  Kapha’s need stimulation, vata’s need calming and pitta’s in the middle – too calm bores them but too much stimulation agitates them.  SO fascinating, can’t wait to come home and share.  And I am the ONLY Kapha monotype in the class of about l5 or so – I thought everyone was kapha or at least some kapha!!  It really speaks to my love of quantum physics, what is going on in the ground state of reality – the quantum field – that EVERYTHING emerges out of!!!   It (and we) are all interconnected – now, in the past, and forever!!!  I love it.  We are not separate – therefore we can influence everything, by our shared conciousness.  So get on the dance floor ( or the table) and dance the dance of CREATION, HARMONY, RESONANCE AND PEACE.  WE create our reality so let’s make it a good one – for EVERYBODY!

February 1, 2010

Finished my Thai yoga Massage 3 training today, love it!  Still can’t reclaim the giant post with all the details in it so, maybe on my next two days off I can go into detail again, not tonight, need sleep.  Tom’s luggage that the airlines lost arrived today, with digital camera and Pens tix still inside.  How ’bout that overtime win against the Red Wings!! (sorry Melita!).   And  with the way the canadiens have been playing we will make short work of them too next saturday.  Hopefully I can get out of training early as the game starts at 3 pm; but I am here to learn thai yoga massage and boy am I.  Love, love, love Montreal, can’t wait to come back, the weather – even when super cold, is not an issue.  Good coat, boots and public transit make the difference.  Hooking up with friend Erica Follon (from Yandara Yoga teacher training) Tuesday evening at an event where her sweetie DJ’s.  Tom brought the good camera and hook up line so will post pix of Montreal, yoga, whatever – soon.  He noticed all the women here are beautiful, even cashiers at the grocery store!  And everyone so friendly.   We highly reccommend traveling to montreal if you can.